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Contact Lenses



Achieve freedom from your glasses as a first-time contact lens wearer. Dr. Goswick is a contact lens specialist. He firmly believes in keeping up with the latest advances in lens technology, which are more comfortable and healthy than ever. We maintain a large inventory of contact lenses and can provide comprehensive solutions for both distance, near, and multifocal vision. 

In order to keep his patients in the healthiest and most technologically advanced lenses available, Dr. Goswick prices his lenses aggressively low. 


If you are brand new to contacts, your contact lens fitting will usually be done on the day of your yearly eye exam, with your ‘fit & train’ scheduled for a separate day.  

Your 'fit & train' fee depends on the type of lenses chosen. A single vision fit is $60 and a multifocal fit is $180. All follow-up visits are $35. 

We strongly suggest that you have an updated pair of eyeglasses in case of an unexpected contact lens related issue. 

Once you and the doctor have decided the best fit for you, you can easily order your supply over the phone, through email or by stopping in. 

If you're an experienced contact lens wearer, the yearly exam fee is $60.

The starting fee for a yearly supply of daily lenses is $380, before rebate. 

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